Saturday, May 15, 2010

Thanks Lipton Thanks India...

We suppose to be very thankful to Lipton Tea.
They gave us the idea of a "Tea time Fun sharing friendship".
Last year they introduced a new advertisement technique through their tea bag tags.
It was a printed  a funny question or puzzle in it.
Answer also given in small letters.
All of us in Office was very impressed by these riddles.
It became our practice to share the same question between coworkers.
when repeated question bored us we made our own riddles. It was more funny & we enjoyed as the creators.

Every day started with a "Good morning!" and a we passed the same questions by sipping the Cup of tea.

By this only I came to know that there are 26 extension phone line in our Company.
And it became practice to keep our self punctual in Office  for first half hour ( otherwise everybody will notice the absence).
Some of the Questions are here.

There is a Greek letter in English "alphabet" ?
What is 'it can walk without legs, but with 3 hands ?
An English alphabet which can fly?
An English alphabet which see?
An English alphabet which North Indians respect much?
An English alphabet which Tamils proud much?
An English alphabet which need some privacy?
An English alphabet which always between A/C ?
An English alphabet which standing always before counter?
An English alphabet which people like to drink?
An English alphabet which always asks question?
Two letters in English alphabet which Mallus use much?
An English alphabet which is Numeric also?
What is special in the letters I,U,V?

What is white when it is dirty?
The more you clean the more it becomes dirty?
The Only female husband in India?
The month which people speak less?
What is Full of holes but still holds water ?
What has a neck and a body but no legs ?
What 5 letter word has six left when you take 2 letters away ?
The liquid which will become solid when you put it in the boiled water?
It was a long vacation.
usually I am getting one month annual leave.
If Boss is not getting annoyed by a telephone call on the last moment from Creditors or from his wife (both are same)  it can be extended up to 45 days.
But this time either Boss was in a good mood nor me was having a single piece of luck  I got six months annual leave. I should thank United States of America for the same, because from USA News only I heard the word recession.

Any how after six months long vacation when I came back to my Office, I didn't see many of my co-workers there. Many of them are gone for long leave by rotation and balance already find another Job and quit the firm. Phone Extension lines are cut in to 12.

But still we are sharing the puzzles and riddles through SMS, emails and Phones.
Some of them from  India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Philippines .
But I realize that the co-workers from Indians community left UAE are forever and others are forced to stay in UAE, by reducing their salaries and sacrificing the facilities.
It gives me little relief that India can survive recession and accommodate returning NRIs still.

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കരീം മാഷ്‌ said...

Try if you can answer or not ?
If no I will give the answer later.
My Buzz friends find almost all answers.